"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly."

R. Bach, Illusions

Often, we invest way more time, energy, and resources in the purchase of a new home or vehicle than we do in our careers, our lives, our selves ... until there’s a crisis. We propose that each of us has the innate potential to achieve the same level of wellness without the crisis ... our approach is proactive, holistic, and preventive. Carol and I have travelled very different paths, both of us accumulating a wealth of experience and resources to share with the people that we support in reinventing their lives and careers. These practices include traditional career-life coaching models such as career and personal assessments which are complemented by yogic philosophy, mindfulness and meditative techniques, energy and breathe work. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you and / or your organization to ways to tap into your greater potential.

W.P. Consulting & Associates is a Comprehensive Career Development and Career Transition Management Service, focused on providing clients with the resources, connections, and opportunities that contribute to a more fulfilling and rewarding career. Our holistic approach takes the whole person into consideration allowing for work/life integration.

Wayne Pagani
Wayne Pagani

Wayne Pagani has over 25 years in career and employment services, after a 14 year career in the transport industry. He is an twelve-time recipient of the prestigious Award of Excellence from CPC and in 2010, he was the recipient of the Canadian Career Leader Award. His contributions to the career development field have been recognized across North America including a 2011 Career Management Alliance Mentor Award honouring those individuals who have guided others in tradecraft, entrepreneurship, and community building.

Wayne's work has been published in Best Canadian Resumes (2nd Edition), Best Canadian Cover Letters, and No Canadian Experience, Eh? Positioned at the forefront of Canada’s capital, he has also been interviewed as a career expert for the Globe and Mail and featured in the Ottawa Business Journal, and the Nepean Weekender.

Carol Brochu
Carol Brochu

Carol Brochu is a life-long learner who has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge about how to best help people embrace their human-ness. During her 30+ year career in human resources in the airline industry and federal government, Carol has trained in many aspects of business and project management focused on employee relations and corporate wellness. She is also a Six Sigma Green belt, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and Mindfulness Facilitator. This is complemented by a unique personal and spiritual development journey that has included studies in various forms of humanities, psychology, energy work, martial arts, and self-care disciplines. As a result, Carol not only understands the best way to get people to support the mandate of their business, but people respond to her infectious ability to allow them to explore and be their authentic selves as individuals. She is a voice for compassion and mindful engagement in heartfelt service in her workplace and community as well as with her clients.



  • Career & Business Exploration
  • Career Assessment & Identification
  • Personal Branding & Self Marketing
  • Value Proposition & Branding for Businesses
  • Resume & Portfolio Writing
  • Job Search & Career Transition Strategies
  • Interview Preparation & Simulations
  • Social Media & Online Networking
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Labour Market Research & Reports
  • Outplacement & Internal Career Development Services
  • Comprehensive Career Transition Management



  • Personal Growth & Wellness 
  • Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Energy & Body Work
  • Breath Work & Exercises
  • Positive Psychology
  • Conscious Communication

We’re looking to partner with like-minded businesses and organizations in the realm of career development and personal growth.

Here are our Values:

  • To treat each individual with respect and professionalism.
  • To recognize that each individual has a unique perspective and career path.
  • To go beyond the call of duty to inform people of the best options in order to access services to address their needs.

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Wayne is an expert in career transition, the consummate professional and the very definition of integrity, leadership and creativity. I had the pleasure of having Wayne as my career consultant where his expertise, personable approach and positivity assisted in navigating me through my employment search. Wayne comes prepared and equipped with an arsenal of tools designed to maximize results in all aspects of the employment search and ultimately landing your desired position. He is passionate about meeting and connecting people with people, resources and opportunities. Wayne is a very motivating and inspiring professional.

Angelo Da Silva

was Wayne's client

Wayne is a true leader in every sense of the word. He brings to his work integrity, focus and clear directives. He leads by example. His clients benefit from his patience, knowledge and understanding. Wayne is warm, inviting and a true Networking Guru.

Maureen McCann

Promotion Career Services

Wayne is an honest professional, who is able to direct Executives in a collaborative manner, and deliver results perfectly on target. Very strategic, yet practical perspectives.

Tamy S. Butterfield

was Wayne's client

Wayne is an excellent resource who is a joy to work with. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the career management field and is totally committed to providing great value to his clients.

Tom McMullen

was Wayne's client

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