Career Planning for Youth Workshop

Career Planning for Youth:

A workshop for

High School, College & University Students
and their Parents

Workshop Goals

 To help youth identify ways to proactively identify
and pursue satisfying careers

To help parents support their children’s efforts
in the decisions they must make

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 Topics & Exercises

  1. The Evidence: how we know there’s a problem
  2. Check in: briefly | what’s your experience so far?
  3. Getting to Know Yourself: some exercises for youth to explore their interests

What do you like doing? What is your mission, that is, what would you like to contribute through the work you will do in your career?

What activities/goals do you want to have in your future career?

Knowing this will help you figure out what occupations you may like.

  1. Career Exploration & Labour Market Research:

Once you have an idea of what type of work you think you might like, learn about the Labour Market potential occupations or areas of work to plan your next step.

This includes:

  1. Labour Market Information

Governments and other organizations develop materials that describe work in a large variety of occupations and industries. We’ll introduce some of these.

  1. Information Interviews

It is often useful to get information on specific occupations or industries directly from employers or others who are knowledgeable about these occupations and industries.

We’ll also cover how to:

Identify employers and others who may have information about the occupation(s) and industries you may be interested in.

How to approach these people for a discussion.

What questions to ask and how to be prepared for these discussions.

For more information please contact Wayne Pagani at: or 613.526.1982