“I really enjoyed working with Wayne as he has a vast knowledge of the industry and helped guide me through the steps in today’s market place. I felt that I received expert advice and will continue to stay in contact as Wayne is also very professional and personal which is very hard to find in today’s field of recruitment or counselling. I would recommend Wayne to anyone that requires solid and expert advice to finding the right way to approach the new markets. Look very forward to working with him again!”

Kelvin Lynch – was Wayne’s client

“I am very fortunate to have had Wayne as my career coach. He helped me to remember the great work I have done in the past, for which I am grateful, as it resulted in an authentic and realistic understanding and accounting of who I am as a leader. I am now taking action to real ize my career goals of completing a masters (leadership) program and writing my first book.”

Marguerite O’Neal – was Wayne’s client

“I had the privilige of working with Wayne during my career transition in 2009. After engaging Wayne, I learned how much energy I was spending on low impact strategies and how important it was to re-orient my approach to landing my next career opportunity. Upon coaching me through some more advanced strategies (and more current, given today’s marketplace), I feel much more confident in all of my personal marketing materials and my value proposition. Moreover, I was able to ramp-up my online presence and effectiveness with much greater speed and consistency than I otherwise would have accomplished. I highly recommend Wayne for anyone looking to accelerate their career endeavours.”

Martin N Beaton, P. Eng. – was Wayne’s client

“Wayne is an honest professional, who is able to direct Executives in a collaborative manner, and deliver results perfectly on target. Very strategic, yet practical perspectives.”

Tamy S. Butterfield – was Wayne’s client

“Wayne a su bien m’orienter lors de ma recherche d’emploi. Il m’a doté d’outils qui m’ont permis de bien comprendre ce que je désirais faire de mon avenir professionnel et qui m’ont également force à faire une bonne remise en question et une bonne réflexion sur cet avenir. Un professionnel très engagé, respectueux, compétent … un excellent guide, à chaque rencontre je m’approchais plus solidement vers mon objectif. Je n’hésite aucunement à le recommander, c’est une valeur sûre !”

Lucie Bigelow – was Wayne’s client

“Wayne has been a tremendous aid to me as I try to find new employment in a new area. Wayne has been able to refine my job hunting strategies. He has provided me with valuable contacts in the Ottawa area and has made me much more marketable. If you are looking for Career assistance Wayne is an excellent resource.”

Colin Crump – was Wayne’s client

“Wayne is an excellent resource who is a joy to work with. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the career management field and is totally committed to providing great value to his clients.”

Tom McMullen – was Wayne’s client

“Wayne is an expert in career transition, the consummate professional and the very definition of integrity, leadership and creativity. I had the pleasure of having Wayne as my career consultant where his expertise, personable approach and positivity assisted in navigating me through my employment search. Wayne comes prepared and equipped with an arsenal of tools designed to maximize results in all aspects of the employment search and ultimately landing your desired position. He is passionate about meeting and connecting people with people, resources and opportunities. Wayne is a very motivating and inspiring professional.”

Angelo Da Silva – was Wayne’s client

“I was so pumped after meeting with you …I want to get going on my presentation and job search.”

– Client W.P. Consulting & Associates – January 2009

”Wayne is a true leader in every sense of the word. He brings to his work integrity, focus and clear directives. He leads by example. His clients benefit from his patience, knowledge and understanding. Wayne is warm, inviting and a true Networking Guru.”

Maureen McCann – owner Promotion Career Solutions

“A guy with passion to help people to progress in their careers”

– Former Client, EXPERICA – May 2008

“As a recruiter who sees hundreds of resumes, I must say that Wayne has a unique ability to create compelling, creative and innovative resumes which will generate immediate interest and responses from prospective employers. I personally utilized Wayne’s services and received numerous compliments on the resume he created for me.”

Michelle Sutter – hired Wayne as a Career Coach through GMG – April 2009

“Today I accepted the formal offer …. Thanks again for helping me make this future possible.”

– Former Executive Client, GMG – March 2009

“The investment of time and money I made in hiring Graham Management Group and Wayne is one of the best in my life time. The effectiveness of their work and advice are amazing. Moreover it is a genuine pleasure to work with Wayne.”

Mario Thomas, Ph.D. – hired Wayne as a Career Coach through GMG – April 2009

“Wayne has exceeded my expectations. He is a people oriented individual, easy to work with, and shares knowledge that is very relevant to professional career advancement. He delivers!”

Patrick Padley – hired Wayne as a Career Coach through GMG – March 2010