How to Organize Your Job Search Time


Dedicate time to setting your objectives for the week, month, or period.

  • Synchronize your electronic tools to save time
  • Define your objective and clarify the actions or steps to complete or achieve it.
  • Decide how much time to dedicate to each activity:
    • Self-Assessment
    • Labour Market Research
    • Networking
    • Direct Application
    • Recruiters & Agencies
    • Cold Calling
    • Information Interviews
    • Online
    • Search Engines
    • Classifieds & Ads
  • Think sequentially and prepare ahead, e.g., schedule preparation time before an interview
  • Set SMART targets so you can assess your progress
  • Document your action plan
  • Make time weekly to evaluate and assess; especially when there are a large number of applications or coals in the fire; consider next steps, follow up, relationship building

Integrate and implement your strategy.

  • Know where you are in the process so you can determine your next steps.
    • Follow up on an application
    • Get in touch with a reference
    • Connect with members of your network who may know something about a company where you have an interview scheduled
    • Schedule time to bring your references up to date
    • Follow up with networking contacts (You’ll find it helpful to jot notes on business cards about problems, challenges, and other people within or outside the organization to speak to)
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